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Terms and Conditions

The Adopt A Boxer Scotland terms and conditions are shown below.

(a) An AABS representative will visit your home for a follow up check at an agreed time. This is to make sure the dog has settled well with your family. You also agree to allow AABS to remain in contact for the life time of the dog.

(b) Adopted boxers must

  1. be loved, fed, watered and exercised every day
  2. not be kept tied up nor be free to roam streets or wander unaccompanied
  3. have a comfortable sleeping area and must not be housed outdoors
  4. NEVER be left unattended with young children
  5. not be left at alone for any longer than a 4 hour period on a regular basis
  6. be provided with veterinary attention when required including annual vaccinations. All AABS dogs must be neutered. If unneutered when adopted arrangements must be made to have this procedure done at an agreed time. Under no circumstances is an AABS dog to be used for breeding. As a result of this eventuality all puppies will be returned to AABS

(c) In the event of an Adopter finding themselves unable to keep an AABS dog, AABS must be notified immediately. Adopters are not allowed to rehome AABS dogs or have them put to sleep (unless on veterinary advice and for health reasons). Adopters must consult with AABS, who will arrange for the dog to be returned to their care.

(d) AABS will share all the information provided by the previous owner about the dog’s habits, history, likes, dislikes and health with the adopter in good faith. However AABS cannot guarantee the reliability of this information and cannot accept liability for any costs incurred as a result of inaccurate information being passed on. AABS is unable to accept liability for expenses of any kind arising from illness developed after the adoption. AABS will only pay for on-going treatment of condition(s) listed in the dog’s vet treatment form, which will be signed by both parties at time of adoption. AABS cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the dog post adoption.

(e) AABS strongly advise adopters to arrange appropriate insurance cover for their dog. Policies usually include third party liability insurance and cover for veterinary treatment. AABS is not liable for the treatment costs of uninsured dogs once they have been adopted.

(f) You must not use shock collars, choke chains or other devices which will cause pain to your dog. You must never use physical punishment on your dog. AABS are happy to provide advice on positive reinforcement training and help with behavioural issues.

(g) Any change to personal details must be advised to AABS as soon as possible, including telephone numbers and home address. This will enable AABS to keep microchip details up-to-date at all times. Your dog must wear a collar with an Identity Disc.

(h) No AABS dog is allowed off lead for six weeks from date of adoption. If your dog gets lost or stolen AABS must be contacted immediately.

(i) Please note that should you be unable to keep your dog, our adoption donation is non-refundable.

(j) As an adopter you agree to comply with all aspects of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and any other relevant legislation.

(k) The adopter agrees to all of the above terms and understands that non compliance with the Terms of this Agreement gives AABS the right to reclaim the dog without refund of adoption donation. AABS will reclaim the dog if we believe the dog has been maltreated or neglected.