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Whether you are looking for support with your boxer, to rehome or adopt a boxer, we are here to help.

Support & Rehoming your boxer

We understand how difficult it can be to consider rehoming your boxer, which is why we aim to help and support you through the process. At AABS we offer a number of support services that may even allow you to keep your boxer. Our volunteers have many years experience of boxer dogs including health, food, temperament and behaviour, we can help and assist in many ways.

There are many reasons that result in owners having to give up their beloved dogs from a change in circumstances to struggling to cope with caring for their boxer. We aim to help owners make the right decisions for their boxer through support, advice and education that will allow them to stay together.  If the decision is made to rehome, then we can help with this process to make it as easy as possible for both owner and boxer.

If you feel that you need some help with your boxer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can assist. Visit our rehoming procedure and process page for more information.

Adopting A Boxer

If you are considering adding a boxer to your family by adopting, the first step is to conduct extensive research of the breed so you can ensure that a boxer is right for you.   Our rehoming team work to match the dogs to their new families, therefore it can sometimes take time to find a perfect match.

Adopt A Boxer Scotland cannot guarantee that any boxer seen on our website will be suitable for an individual prospective owner. Each dog has different needs and must be matched accurately to a new home by our experienced rehoming team after carefully consideration.  Have a read over our things to consider before getting a boxer, adoption process and terms and conditions of adoption, then give us a call or email us at info@adoptaboxer.co.uk for more information .


Support for boxer owners

We want to support anyone who needs help in caring for their boxer – whether  struggling with their boxer’s behaviour, worried about their health, or considering rehoming their dog.


Is a boxer the right dog for me?

Choosing the right breed for you and your family is incredibly important when deciding to get a new dog. There are several factors to consider including your lifestyle and circumstances, size, age, financial costs, activity levels and training requirements.