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The Importance Of Socialising Your Boxer Puppy


There is always lots of information flying around about how to buy a puppy responsibly, this information puts lots of emphasis on health but very little or no emphasis on finding a breeder that has well socialised puppies!

If you are thinking of buying a boxer puppy, and who can resist those wriggling little faces, it is extremely important that you seek out a breeder who understands and practices good socialisation/habituation. A well socialised pup will be far less likely to develop behaviour problems as they grow up, and unfortunately there seems to be an ever rising number of boxers with behavioural issues.

So when you are quizzing your breeder about the health related side of things don’t forget to investigate how the puppies are being socilaised.

Here is some good information on Puppy Socialisation and Habituation, arm yourself with knowledge of what breeders should be doing before you even speak to them:

The socialisation doesn’t end when your puppy leaves the breeder and can’t be put on hold until your puppy has had both sets of jags either. Once you have your puppy home if you wait until the 12 week mark before exposing them to sights, sounds and smells of daily life with you then you are missing a massive opportunity to set your boxer up for the best possible start in life.

When you get your boxer pup home you can take them out in your arms to experience new sights and sounds. This 3 to 4 week window from getting your puppy until they are fully vaccinated can play a massive part in your dogs development, so please don’t let them miss out, make sure you continue their socialisation.

Lots of great info at the above links. Please have a read, it could one of the most important things you ever do for your boxer!