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Elsa Follow Up Visit


We went to visit Elsa a few weeks ago and what can we say about this lovely girl except that she is wonderful.  Seeing Elsa so happy and settled with her family was really amazing, she is truly a delightful dog.  We couldn’t have wished for  a better outcome for this little lady, she definitely landed on her paws and has a fantastic family to share her life with.

Gabriel Follow Up Visit

AABS Gabriel

Went to visit Gabriel today and it was exactly as we thought…He is being spoiled rotten! His new brothers brindle Bruno(12) and pure white Floyd(9), have been really good to him. It’s the old man club with Gabriel being 9 also. Gabriel has been making lots of friends in the neighbourhood and the extended family love Gabriel as much as his mum and dad do. Unfortunately he is still struggling with his allergies but his family are working with the vets to give him some relief. Was so nice seeing all the boys. So grateful to his family for giving him such a wonderful home to retire in.

New beginning for Clubber!

Big handsome Clubber is now settled into his new home! His new mum can’t believe how well behaved and chilled out he is! Clubber is making new friend’s everywhere he goes. Sounds like Clubber and his new family are having such a great time getting to know each other. He also has a new boxer pal Ellie, who comes to stay when her family is on holiday. Well done Clubber.

Update on the gorgeous Holly

Here is the gorgeous Holly on her follow up visit at the weekend. She is doing absolutely brilliant in her new home, settled in really quickly. Holly is quite relaxed for such a young boxer but still full of mischief when the mood takes her. Loves her balls and her place in the window seat. She is just really happy and content, we really couldnt ask for anything else for her. See more of her photos.

Update on Buster

Adopt A Boxer Scotland Buster has sent some new photos of himself enjoying life. Buster is doing brilliant and his new family can’t imagine life without him. As you’ll see from the photos he is a typical boxer, always in the mud and muck. Buster also has the most adorable little bulldog, Troy, as an extended family member. We are so happy to see this! See more photos on our facebook page.

New beginning for Ozzy

This big gorgeous guy is Ozzy who was rehomed a few weeks ago. We don’t think it’s possible to find a more chilled out boxer! He is so laid back it’s unbelievable. His new family think he is perfect and just the most stunning boy. Ozzy and his family have been enjoying lots of long walks. We are so pleased with how well he is doing.

New Beginning for Millie

Millie went off to her New Beginning in July and her new mum and dad couldn’t be happier with her, in fact they are currently fighting over whether she is more a mummies girl or a daddies girl! We suspect she is a mummies girl. Millie has two new sisters, Maddie the pretty red girl in the photo and Lara who is a collie/corgi cross. All three girls are getting on great. Millie has been nick named Marilyn Monroe the blonde bombshell, we can definitely see why as she is such a beautiful girl. Thank you to her new family for giving her such a wonderful home.

New Beginning for Bess

We are so excited to share with you our first New Beginning, and hopefully the first of many, beautiful little Bess. Bess, who was Poppy, comes from a very loving home but unfortunately circumstances meant that her owner had to make the hard decision to look for a new home for her. Bess is a tiny wee boxer who just loves life and wants to be everyone’s friend. Bess has settled so well into her new home and lets nothing phase her. She has already been hosting barbeques with her new labradoodle friends, although not quite the cats’ best friend yet but getting there. Bess will be spending lots of time at her new mummies work in amongst all her new doggy friends. She has…