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Each year we have an Annual General Meeting; this is where we report on the activities and accounts of the charity, elect the trustees, discuss and vote on matters related to the charity. 

Brief overview of AGM 2014

The first Adopt A Boxer Scotland AGM was held in Glasgow on the 7th September 2014. We were delighted with the turnout and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone and share ideas for how we move forward with the charity.

A brief overview of the meeting and outcomes are listed below: –

Election of the Board

The board of trustees were unanimously re-elected for the coming year.

Change of constitution

A change to the Adopt A Boxer Scotland constitution was proposed, discussed and voted on by the members. The amendment was unanimously accepted.   The board proposed that the aims of the charity be expanded to include providing assistance to ‘all dogs’ not solely boxer dogs.   While we will still only rehome boxer dogs, the change means we can provide support to other breeds of dogs that may need help or assistance.

The new aims of the charity are as follows: –

We aim to improve and maintain welfare standards for dogs, in Scotland, by assisting dogs with various welfare needs within our resources. With specific assistance being offered to the breed known as Boxer dogs (and Boxer-type dogs).

This assistance relating specifically to boxer dogs (and boxer-type dogs) includes:

  1. To relieve distress by providing suitable temporary and permanent housing for dogs who have been abused, mistreated or are victims of changes in their owner’s circumstances. Dogs and prospective homes will be carefully assessed and matched for compatibility.
  2. To relieve suffering and distress of Boxer dogs in our care by providing veterinary treatment (and any other relevant treatment) for dogs with illness, injury or behaviour-related distress.

Assistance relating to all dogs includes:

  1. To educate, support and advise dog owners in the principles and practice of good welfare standards, in accordance with the law and current scientific research.
  2. To report any suspected cases of cruelty or neglect to the appropriate authorities.

Future plans and ideas

Members discussed and shared ideas for the direction for AABS for the rest of this year and next.   The members suggested that a new advertising campaign be launched to target owners who were looking for support or to rehome their boxers.   This was agreed on and we are currently developing these ideas into new advertising campaigns.