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Adopt A Boxer Scotland is a registered boxer charity (SC043843)

Adopt A Boxer Scotland (AABS) is a registered boxer charity (SC043843) that aims to rehome, support and help boxer dogs. Since launching in 2013, we have worked to help the boxer breed in Scotland through rehoming, education, information and supporting owners so they can keep their dogs.

We are operated and maintained by a group of volunteers who are passionate and experienced about the boxer breed. Our aim is to minimise the number of boxers who require rehoming by providing information and advice on temperament, behavioural issues, health, cost and other factors. We believe that education and support are vital to building and maintaining a happy relationship between dogs and owners. By assisting the general public we hope to help them make the right choice for them, their families and the dog when considering buying a puppy or rescuing a boxer.

If you would like more information about Adopt A Boxer Scotland, want to find out how to help or if you would like some advice or even just a chat for some reassurance regarding your boxer then please contact us.